Using the internet and not encountering sex is like having the participants in a Richard Simmons weight class jogging from South Korea to North Korea without setting off a single land mine. I'm sure my sex education would of been quite a bit different if I had access to a 56K modem and the internet actually existed when I was 12. And you can now even order condoms on the internet and avoid Amazon Women on the Moon scenarios.

Somes of the expected bonuses from the global economy are unintended cross-marketing of products. Take visa, for instance. The slogan for the American credit organization is "It's everywhere you want to be." It's a slogan that applies well to the products of French condom maker visa as well. I've never actually been able to find a French condom company named visa, so perhaps this is an urban legend.


Wednesday, 04-May-2011 23:36:43 PDT