Yahoo! financial
Goofy stuff
Hacking Barney
World's smallest web server
The Captain James T. Kirk Singalong Site
DOOM system administration
Cyber camera
Furby Autopsy
Despair, Inc. Demotivational materials. My Fav: "PROCRASTINATION - Hard Work Often Pays Off After Time, but Laziness Always Pays Off Now."
Science & Education

Technopropism and Bastardized Cliche Quiz
Computer hardware
Two good places to go for PC hardware reviews are Tom's Hardware and Anandtech. Ace's Hardware has lots of rumors and breaking news to read. Net Express has lots of detailed and useful technical information about RAM, CPU architecture, etc.
The OCF in Berkeley
Geeky stuff
Groovy Windows utilities for free. How to do stuff across different UNIXen. 1-800, they carry batteries for tons of laptops and cell phones.
Ultimate [frisbee] Players Association. Swimming: Tired of ubiqitious, pedestrian board shorts, but don't want your privates squashed in a Speedo bathing suit? Try out eSwimGear, Sauvage, and Uzzi for some alternatives. Go to Wolverine Sports for various equipment.
NCSEA Northern California Solar Energy Association National Renewable Energy Laboratory


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